When Specialty or Speed is Required

Sometimes a business owner can’t sell because the business is too specialised or the right buyer just cannot be found right now.

Alternatively, there is a need to sell in a relatively short space of time. This can be for a variety of reasons, from ill health or financial problems, to the simple desire to escape to a sunnier climate!

When an exit is needed right now, it pays to know you can turn to Shilling Trading.

Distress Sales Are Not Our Business

When faced with an urgent business sale, you might expect to give it away or liquidate it to free yourself and some remnants of the capital. Not with Shilling Trading.

We can assess the business and – in the absence of an immediate buyer – make the purchase ourselves, using our Shilling Support team to manage the business and incorporate it into our ever-expanding portfolio.

Even better, you can rest assured that the quantum of our offer will be at fair market rate and will give you a fast, tax efficient exit.

Case Studies

PLC - Case Study

A publicly trading specialist service provider needed to increase its product range...

Shilling Support

Shilling Support

When the owner of a small Midlands-based engineering business was struggling...

Shilling Rescue

Shilling Rescue

Shilling was approached by an automotive engineering business...

Professional Buyer

Professional Buyer

When an experience chartered accountant wanted to increase his trading business portfolio...

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