Everyone Can Use A Helping Hand

When running a growing business, you may feel like you have your fingers in a number of pies, with varying tasks demanding your time. It pays to know that you’re not alone, and many business owners find that key matters such as cash flow and profitability can slip by, creating even more work and unnecessary distraction.

At Shilling, we recognise that when we work with you to grow your business and deliver your acquisition, your workload will inevitably increase too. This is why we created Shilling Support.

Shilling Support is for business owners that are serious about growing and making money.

Our aim is not just to prepare you for growth by acquisition, but to ensure you have the systems and procedures to maximise your returns and deal with whatever the business world throws at you.

When you sign-up to Shilling Support, we’ll start with the basics…

Where Are You Now? We undertake a full review of your business, arriving at your current financial position – making sure you are correctly financed and have access to solid and reliable accounting data which allows you to manage your business in the most effective way

Where Are You Going? We’ll work with you to provide budgets that reflect your expectations and ambitions, and ensure you have sufficient financial support to drive your business forward

Keeping On Track | We’ll provide you with a full accounting pack every month, showing exactly how your business has performed against budget. This will also include an update on your forecasts, cash flow projections, and highlight any areas of concern. To ensure you’re fully supported, we’ll also meet with you on a monthly or quarterly basis to review your results, forecast, plans and finance requirements

It pays to know that at Shilling, we’re experts in all the necessary procedures and tick boxes, such as Statutory Matters. Why not let us prepare your annual accounts, deal with your annual returns, and attend to general filings so you don’t have to? We can even assist with your tax planning and exit strategy.

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