Here For You When Things Don’t Go To Plan

For whatever reason, all businesses can face cash flow problems at some point or another. As you’d expect, the pursuit of cash can distract directors from profit, and – worryingly – a vicious cycle begins whereby cash problems cause losses and this in turn creates bigger cash problems.

In such cases, your bank will become concerned, and may even restrict your funding – turning your problems into a crisis. What’s more, the effect on you personally can affect your home and family life – especially if the family home is part of the bank’s security.

We’re here to help.

What Are Your Options?

At Shilling, we’re always ready and willing to save viable businesses, and can offer more options than most…

Refinance | The solution may simply be restructuring the way your business is financed, such as releasing funding from your debtors, plant, equipment or vehicles to give you working capital

Buying You Time | If your bank is being overzealous or threatening to close you down when the business is still viable, we may be able to replace your current lender to give you time to sort things out

Find You An Exit | Our acquisition operation may be able to place your business with one of our buyers, who may be looking for exactly what you have to offer.

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