Cash Is King

Whilst Shilling specialises in acquisition finance, it pays to know that you can also turn to us for the other important finance requirements your business might have.

Unlike traditional bank borrowings, we prefer to use your business as the security, not your home.

If it’s simply a case of making your cash flow more smoothly, increasing your capacity or just releasing more liquidity, we’re absolutely here to help.

Funding For Business

Although we offer traditional funding products, we can be very creative in how we apply them to your business. We offer…

Asset Finance | We can assist with new asset purchases or simply release cash to you using your existing plant, equipment or vehicles as the security.

Cash Flow Finance | We can make up to 90% of your sales ledger available to you – in cash – in just a few days. What’s more, we can provide a full credit control and sales ledger management service.  Ultimately, you can let us worry about collecting your cash whilst you concentrate on running your business.

Structured Finance | We can make most things happen by being creative with our funding. Try us, you may just be surprised at what we can do.

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