The Shilling Group Approach to Selling Your Business

The Shilling Approach to Selling Your Business

At Shilling, we are a little different insofar as we act for the buyer, not the seller.

Whilst this may suggest that we are on the opposite side of the table from you, selling to a Shilling client has some very big advantages.

As our clients are all funded buyers and the whole acquisition process is professionally managed by Shilling, you are protected from the dangers associated with allowing your business to be marketed as “for sale”, the leakage of confidential information and the costs and damage that can arise from the unfunded buyer and time waster.

Our fees are met by the buyer’s side so you incur no broker fees and our clients’ offers are genuinely pitched at fair market value.

Selling your business through Shilling is simple and secure

Your Exit: What Are The Options?
Shilling can give you, the Seller, several secure options.

Immediate Buyer | We’re proud to have built an envious portfolio of buyers, who range from individual investors, through to small and medium-sized owner operators and very large listed companies. This pool of clients often means we’re able to match businesses with a suitable buyer quicker than you might expect. In fact, if we have written to you, we’ve most-likely already matched you to one or more of our ready and eager clients.

Shilling Trading | It pays to know that we also own a number of businesses across a variety of market places and are keen to add to our ever-growing portfolio. In the unlikely event that we don’t have a ready-to-buy client, we may consider making the acquisition though our Shilling Trading operation. This is an ideal route if an urgent exit is required, or your business requires specialist management.

Family or Incumbent Management | Many businesses have family or incumbent management that would be very capable of running the business, but may be unable to raise the cash required to buy the business out. In most instances, we can provide suitable finance to not only enable them to complete the buyout, but also fund the associated cost of the sale such as solicitor, surveyor and accountants’ fees. The buyer of your business may already be a part of it.

Working with Shilling is easy. We place great emphasis on keeping the process simple, tax-efficient and as stress-free as possible. What’s more, we know your time is precious, and to ensure we don’t waste your time or ours, you can rest assured that any Shilling client offer to purchase a business is not simply a valuation, it is backed by real funding.

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