How Do I Grow From Here?

Through hard work, dedication and sacrifice, you’ve built a business that can stand on its own two feet. But now it needs to grow, and you’re looking at all the ways you can drive your business forward.

Whilst appointing new sales people, or throwing money at advertising and marketing are usually thought of as the main tried-and-tested options, growth generated this way can be slow and cost money that the banks are often reluctant to lend. Even when they do lend, it’s usually at the risk of losing the family home if it all goes wrong.

Very few business owners realise that they actually have access to the funding, available businesses and expert advisory services to grow by acquisition – all of which we offer at Shilling.

The Acquisition Option

Whether you’re looking to double or triple in size, the Shilling package provides you with everything you need to become a successful acquirer of businesses.

Finding The Right Business For You | Our first priority is to review what you do and what would best complement your existing business. Once this profile is established, we reach out to businesses that match your requirements through a number of different channels. We’ll then engage in discussions with viable targets, analyse their suitability for acquisition, and agree terms of sale that fall within your agreed criteria and pre-agreed funding package.

Making It Happen | When terms are agreed, we’ll provide all the services needed to bring the deal to completion. From asset valuations to financial due diligence reporting and on through the complexities of funding conditions all the way to contracts, completion and beyond. Our service is unique, comprehensive and proven.

Solidifying Your Growth | Once completed, you can rely upon Shilling Support to help you plan and implement the most effective structure for your group of companies and maximise your profits.

If you’re after substantial, solid and profit-generating growth, Shilling can help you find it.

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